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Whether you have owned your auto repair business for years or are just getting into this lucrative industry, the high overhead cost can be crippling. Not only are you responsible for the rent on your building, but you have to keep your employees on the payroll, your equipment current, your supplies filled, and you have to keep caught up on the latest technological trends. It’s a lot for anyone to handle, whether you’re a veteran or a rookie. 

Luckily, auto repair shops typically have steady streams of business, as everyone needs to have their cars fixed and few have the tools or knowledge to fix it themselves. When times are slow, though, those heavy overhead costs can add up quickly. In slow seasons, it couldn’t hurt to have a little extra cash come in through the door.

That is just one example of how Tiger Capital can help auto repair industry professionals. With an easy-to-finish application and multiple funding options per approval, Tiger Capital works with auto repair professionals to find the right product for your needs. Perhaps you just need to cover a few bills until traffic picks back up, or maybe you have an opportunity to expand your business. Regardless of the reason, Tiger Capital wants to help.

Contact Tiger Capital online or over the phone to learn more about our fast, efficient funding services. We accept all credit scores. Come see why business owners around the United States have decided to work with us to fund over $700 million since our founding in 2006. 

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