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How many times have you driven past a Chick-Fil-A with a line wrapped around the corner and thought, “I could run one of those?” No matter which franchise you have or currently are considering, the start-up costs can be tricky to navigate. Many franchises require a lengthy application process before they will even consider you, and once you’ve gotten the go-ahead, the costs to purchase equipment, hire staff, and to buy all of the food or other goods you need can make you wonder why you ever wanted to get into this business to begin with.

Don’t let the upfront costs or momentary struggle deter you, though. Not when you have Tiger Capital Funding as an option. At Tiger Capital, we have provided entrepreneurs like yourself with over $700 million in funding since our founding in 2006. We work in a variety of industries, including with other restaurant and catering business owners, to provide the funds needed to stay competitive and profitable. 

Applying online takes minutes and receiving funds once approved is nearly as quick. Don’t let the costs of expanding your dream spook you away from living it. Not when Tiger Capital is here and ready to assist. Contact us online or over the phone to learn more about our fast funding options and how we have helped countless other entrepreneurs take the next leap into their financial future. 

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