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As the world continues to revert back to some state of normalcy following the Covid-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs around the United States are seeing increased opportunity in logistics and trucking. Many of us had the unfortunate experience of dealing with supply chain disruptions during the pandemic that are still having impacts throughout our daily lives. That is why new trucking companies are stepping into the void to help patch those supply chain issues, even while some struggle to make enough money to stay afloat. 

Having said that, new companies means more competition. You can make sure your trucking and logistics company stands out against the sea of other eighteen wheelers by maintaining or upgrading your fleet of trucks, utilizing the best logistics tools in the industry, and by hiring trustworthy and highly competent drivers.

All of this takes funding, of course. Tiger Capital Funding has assisted trucking companies across the United States find the right funding options with affordable and flexible repayment structures since opening in 2006. We believe we can help your business grow by providing quick access to new capital to be used on whatever you need.

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