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When people think of lawyers as depicted in popular culture, they often think of money-hungry sharks ready to pounce on any wandering fish that swim by. They think of high-rise offices and the money and power they represent. Few think about the struggling law firm or the medium-level firms that employ lawyers desperate to help their clients, often at the expense of higher hourly rates or big splashy cases. 

Whether you own one of the biggest law firms in your city or if you’re just starting out and struggling, Tiger Capital Funding can provide the extra influx of cash you need. Law firms are businesses, just like any other business, and have the needs of any other business. This includes the need to hire new staff, including lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, janitorial staff, and others. It includes marketing campaigns to make sure you stand out against a competitive field. 

Regardless of your specific need, Tiger Capital Funding can provide clients with the option of flexible payment and alternative fee arrangements to help repay any funding taken out. To learn more about our different funding options specifically for law firms, contact us online or over the phone. We have worked out alternative fee arrangements under a variety of circumstances and are certain that we can come to an arrangement that works for you. Don’t let your future wait; call Tiger Capital Funding today. 

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