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If you were to take a quick poll of a handful of people off of the street, how many of them do you think would understand where most goods come from? They might have a very basic understanding of the manufacturing process, but would they know what it means to need to build a brand new machine to weld a new product? Or how the raw materials used in manufacturing end up in their products? Most don’t, and even fewer understand the financial resources needed to start or expand a manufacturing business. 

Tiger Capital Funding understands exactly what goes into making a successful manufacturing business. The National Association of Manufacturers say that every dollar spent on manufacturing puts an additional 89 cents back into the economy. That is an incredible fact that seems to suggest that manufacturing is absolutely crucial to the success of the American economy. Many manufacturing companies invent entirely new technologies just to make their work more efficient!

We appreciate all that goes into the manufacturing industry and are eager to help with your funding needs. Previous manufacturing clients have successfully used Tiger Capital Funding’s services to increase their cash flow when suppliers pay slowly. They’ve hired new workers to cover any gaps during busy seasons. Others have used the funds to replace machinery when it unexpectedly breaks. 

Whatever your specific need, Tiger Capital Funding is here with one of the fastest, easiest applications you could ever want and funding in as little as twenty-four hours. Contact us online or over the phone to learn more today. 

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