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No matter where you go in this country, there seems to be fewer and fewer neighborhood grocery stores and supermarket choices. Sure, there are the big brands that everyone knows, but what ever happened to the charming mom and pop shops, family-run with farmer market-fresh goods? Tiger Capital can provide the funding you need to bring a little piece of Americana back to your neighborhood by investing in or expanding on your grocery operation. 

Tiger Capital Funding offers funding options to small groceries, convenience stores, and bodegas, in addition to giant supermarkets. With the infusion of cash, many private groceries are able to compete with the larger shopping market chains in the area. Use the funds to expand your product offerings, such as adding a produce or deli section, or to invest in specialized products unavailable at the typical competition. 

Not sure if your business qualifies as a grocery or supermarket? We specialize in helping mom-and-pop grocery stores, whole grocery outlets, as well as party stores, delis, and grocery store distribution centers. If you have any worry about whether or not you qualify, simply reach out to a representative. They will walk you through the application process, answer your questions, and get you an answer as to how much you qualify for as quickly as possible. Tiger Capital is here to help. Contact us today to learn more. 

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