Financial Services

Healthcare is one of the largest expenses families face month over month. It is constantly in the news as politicians squabble over how best to provide affordable care for those that can’t afford it. What often gets lost in the conversation, however, are the people who shoulder the burden of the upfront costs. The doctors, dentists, surgeons, and others who have to find the capital to purchase the equipment, hire the staff, sign the leases, and otherwise create the local healthcare businesses that families rely on. 

Since 2006, Tiger Capital Funding has provided over $700 million in funding to businesses just like yours. Previous healthcare clients have used funds to cover payroll during slow periods, or to purchase additional space. Some partners have used the funding to buy out their retiring partners or to equip the office with the latest technology. Others still have used the influx to create marketing campaigns that have driven traffic back to their businesses, standing out against a competitive field. 

You provide lifesaving care to patients every day. Let Tiger Capital Funding help provide your business with the care it needs to continue to thrive in this ever-changing field. Contact us online or over the phone to learn more about our funding options. Our application couldn’t be simpler or faster to fill out and funds are often available within one business day

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