Financial Services

Getting started in the beauty industry is more difficult than simply finding the right location and signing a lease. Entrepreneurs need to purchase a wide variety of products to have on-hand, equipment for daily use, decorations to entice customers, advertising when needed, and still have to hire trained staff who can perform up to their standards.

That is assuming you are just getting into the industry. For those that have been in for a while, you know how an uncertain future can impact your financial decisions. The costs of overhead, equipment maintenance, new retail products and training new staff can add up and if you are unprepared, financial ruin is a real possibility.

Not with Tiger Capital on your side. Tiger Capital offers one of the simplest applications for business funding around, with lightning-fast approval times so you can get your funding in as little as twenty-four hours. Don’t wait to purchase new equipment or expand your business into the space next door. With Tiger Capital, you can secure the funds needed for a brighter future.

Contact us online or over the phone to learn more about our pain-free application process. All of Tiger Capital’s funding options are unsecured, meaning our clients do not need to come with collateral. This opens up options for those that would otherwise not qualify for assistance. Learn more on our website or contact us today. 

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